YM_mini synth kit — first look!

Just built and tested the first prototype PCBs of the upcoming open source YM_mini chip synth. This is a mini usb synth based on the classic YM2149 synthesizer chip from the likes of the Atari ST, Apple II Mockingbird, and Intellivision. The audio circuit was inspired by a common stereo “hack” to the ST allowing discreet left and right audio from one chip.

The firmware is still in process, and will be released as open source on completion. The synth is recognized as a midi device via the usb cable and a driver for OSX, WIN & Linux, so you can track or control it from your favorite midi software. Testing is happening on PureData, but I will verify a wide range of software on release. The USB/Serial FTDI connection will allow future modules such as a midi Din and DC power module or control from an Arduino or other microcontroller.  Stay tuned!