YM mini synth project: 1st audio out

For those not in the know, I’ve been polling and discussing the potential of an open source chip-synth with parts-count being the primary concern. It occurred to me that this would bring down the entry-level cost while allowing those new to D.I.Y. electronics to not be scared away by surface mount soldering and extensive learning-curve during the build. The goal here, is that more energy is put into making music than building the device.

I’m excited to say that the first build just got to the point of audio output!

YM2149_test1 <– sample mp3!

Wear headphones!

This sample file is one minute of random register writes in order to demonstrate tone, frequency range, noise, panning, on-board level control of the 3 channels(L,R,Both) and some nice accidental effects.No effects or filtering were used.  It is NOT a song (though some of my seldom heard tunes are not much more coherent!)


The current parts count is an FTDI cable +8 components +10 resistors.

I’ve moved toward an only slightly more expensive direction than my original idea. This one will use an Atmel chip running Arduino code.  This will allow anyone who wants to swim in the code to do so by swapping chips, without imposing the expense of an entire Arduino on everyone else.

Next step is proto-board & board layout.  I’ll be continuing software for some time before the Alpha release.