SX-150 Kit via KIT_MIDI Software

A great patron of my kits (phaudio), convinced me into converting his Gakken SX-150 to run with my open-source KIT_MIDI software.  After pointing me to the great work of Mr.Books, I realized that a USB-Midi solution could be had fairly cheaply, and fit entirely into the original case.

Just cut a sample playing from midiBar while I tweak the knobs:


Never mind my lousy timing, and my inability to stay off of the pitch-envelope!  Pretty nice sounds coming from this thing.

Though this version is based off of my YM_MIDI firmware, there is no reason this shouldn’t work with Mr.Books original software released on his site with some modification. I’ve also taken the liberty of adding a tuning knob to the kit, as I noticed some good-old-fashioned analog drift at play. The original  speaker has been squeezed in next to the new 1/4″  jack that Mr. Books shows on his website.

If there’s enough interest, I could be convinced to do a small run of PCB’s for this mod. Drop me a line at

wil [at] straytechnologies [dot] com

to get on a pre-interest list. Let me know if a kit, PCB only, or PCB & preprogrammed Atmel only would be in your best interest.

Now I’m off to work out the overall bad tuning. I should be able to resolve this with a software lookup table as implemented in the YM_Synth kit.