ANSI MIDIo Visualizer : Pre-built & Tested

ANSI MIDIo Visualizer : Pre-built & Tested

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ANSI MIDIo Programmable Visualizer.  This is a complete pre-built version. Plug it in and go!  This version includes the built and tested kit, and the FTDI cable.

The ANSI MIDIo Programmable Visualizer is a platform designed to allow real-time control of timed visuals.  The kit is designed with musicians and visualists in mind, allowing people to pre-program their own designs or perform realtime using software such as Renoise, Abelton, EnergyXT, Reaper, Max/MSP/Jitter, PureData, or devices such as the Monome, Bliptronome, MIDI grids, touchpads, and keyboards.

The ANSI MIDIo  creates an ANSI art paradigm known throughout the 1980s and 90s via online “Bulletin Board Systems ” (BBS). The firmware gives the user the ability to generate realtime patterns or create custom artwork such as those seen in Art Packs and on the BBSs of the era.  It makes use of the 12 most important ANSI characters, and the same 16-color palette used on old DOS-based computers and other systems that could interpret ANSI via a Terminal Emulator.

The completed kit is smaller than a business card, and designed for intermediate  kit builders.

Usage instructions and sample programming files can be found here:

sample videos here:

and here:

Available in PAL or NTSC.

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