YM_MINI Synthesizer Kit Version

YM_MINI Synthesizer Kit Version

Sold Out! There will be no more YM_MINI Kits or PCBs. 

This is a usb-powered software-midi controlled mini synthesizer circuits. It uses  a virtual midi driver to fully control a real YM2149 chip in stereo.

The chip is most well known for its use in the Apple II Mockingbird soundcards and Atari ST computers. The YM or the chip from which it was derived (GI's AY-3-8910) also created the music and audio in the Intellivision, Vectrex, some MSX systems, Sinclair ZX and Spectrum home computers, and many arcade machines.

The synth can be played via a live controller like monome or Oxygen8, or any midi-capable software such as Logic-Pro, Energy-XT, FL_Studio, Reaktor, Reaper, Max/MSP, PureData, Protrekkr,  -- pretty much anything that can sequence midi!

Instructions, additional info and usb-midi driver at:


This kit can  use a YM2149 or 40 pin AY-3-8910 from your unused or broken old computers or games.There are also NOS (New Old Stock) chips of both varieties available reliably from several arcade parts vendors and from eBay. I no longer have these in stock with the kits. The kit does have a 40 pin socket, so you do not have to re-solder your chip, and can switch them out as desired.

The kit will also require an FTDI/USB cable or breakout board. It's not included, but they are available from Modern devices, Mouser, DigiKey, or can be used from another project. They are also available  from this shop for an additional $21 if you don't have one.  Find them under "Parts and Extras" in the shop menu.

This is a complete kit with parts and PCB, ready for you to solder together and use. Any beginner with some soldering experience can build this kit in about an hour.


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