Parts & Extras

New Crappy NES Controllers!

The perfect hackable! A really bad clone of the original NES controller including the unusual NES plug. These are New in the box, and have an 80% chance of containing correctly spelled English words on the label.

Great way to avoid hacking dodgy old controllers when adding them to your laptop, Arduino, or other projects. Perfectly functioning –just not the “original.”

Wire color pinout included for Propeller, basic stampĀ  & Ardino hacking.

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FTDI USB-to-Serial Cable

This is an 5V FTDI/USB to Serial cable for the YM_MINI, MIDIo kit, A_SID kit, Hack-a-rino and other kits. This product is available at most hobby electronics shops such as Digikey or Modern Devices.

I am including it here only for sale with one of the above kits, if you do not regularly purchase items from one of the other vendors.

This option is packaged with the Bliptronome kit and will not need to be purchased separately for that kit.

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