Jan 06

First PAL footage from a UK Pocket VBLANK online

Last Knight of the UK, just sent some great video of the PAL version of the Pocket VBLANK. Custom logos are all his design. (email me directly if your interested in having that done to your board) How are there any VJs in the US when our color looks so crappy compared to PAL?? He’s [&hellip


Dec 27

A_SID Synth working with MIDI!

When I decided to start giving workshops and selling parts kits for people to build and use the A_SID synth (my name for a breadboard version of Christoph Haberer’s fantastic open source SID emulator on a chip), I had one goal. Make it accessible. Christoph’s website expresses some frustration in expressing a seemingly simple project [&hellip


Dec 06

First test video of the Pocket VBLANK online…

e.s.c. of Chicago fame just splashed the first test video of one of the new Pocket VBLANK boards on Vimeo.  I have to say his glitch-fest on Piggy tracker made some visual jitter effects I hadn’t seen yet. This is completely different visual effect from what I got testing it at the Hive 76 studio-warming [&hellip


Dec 05

Workshop & Performance at Blip festival

I’ll be doing 3 days of live video at Blip festival 2009 this year! It looks like I will also be doing a workshop on the A_SID Breadboard Synth Kit: a DIY single-chip emulation of the C64’s sound chip (MOS 6581).  The workshop will be on Friday the 18th from 2-5pm before the show, and [&hellip


Nov 11

Old News Bites the Dust!

For over a year, all recent news had been moved to www.waitforvblank.com as my personal work moved toward performance video with only a few major gallery exhibitions this year. It’s about bloody time that this website got a face-lift, and my most recent electronics work get a new home. This site will run in tandom [&hellip

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