May 11

SX-150 Kit via KIT_MIDI Software

A great patron of my kits (phaudio), convinced me into converting his Gakken SX-150 to run with my open-source KIT_MIDI software.  After pointing me to the great work of Mr.Books, I realized that a USB-Midi solution could be had fairly cheaply, and fit entirely into the original case. Just cut a sample playing from midiBar [&hellip


May 07

YM_MINI synthesizer kits are here!

The Kit Version of the YM_MINI synth is available and shipping. Check out the how-to-build doc and images of the build here. Philadelphia’s own Animal Style is working on some Renoise based songs which will demo some of the synth’s sounds.  He’s agreed to release the files so you can see the tricks to how [&hellip


Apr 18

YM_Mini USB Hardware Synth released!

My new YM_MINI synth is officially released! This is a usb-powered software-midi controlled mini synthesizer circuits. It uses a virtual midi driver to fully control a real YM2149 chip in stereo. The chip is most well known for its use in the Apple II Mockingbird soundcards and Atari ST computers. The YM or the chip [&hellip


Mar 21

Bliptronome Kits are here!

A very busy week ended with the new Bliptronome kit boards arriving and being tested.  The first orders are packed awaiting shipment. Lots of information on the kits can now be found here: including the “How to Build the Kit” document, a “Getting Started with Software” document, and the original source code package


Mar 09

YM_mini synth kit — first look!

Just built and tested the first prototype PCBs of the upcoming open source YM_mini chip synth. This is a mini usb synth based on the classic YM2149 synthesizer chip from the likes of the Atari ST, Apple II Mockingbird, and Intellivision. The audio circuit was inspired by a common stereo “hack” to the ST allowing [&hellip


Feb 19

Bliptronome V2 : tests, kits, and code released

A video of the final tests of the Bliptronome V2 Firmware: ThinkGeek Bliptronic 5000 to Monome clone conversion! Toggle, press & release, software LED control, and 4 ADC potentiometers. Shutdown, test & LED_intensity now working. And… Here’s the source code! There are minimal build instructions included for the expert/tinkerer and a detailed pin-out explanation. Again, [&hellip


Feb 14

Arduinome ported to the Bliptronic 5000!

Bliptronome?? I’ve finally got a working port of the Arduinome 3.2 software working with Monome apps on the Bliptronic 5000 hardware available from Think Geek.  This version recognizes in Arduinome Serial as a40h-501. It’s using the same FTDI cable I use to program the Arduino, and everything is running very smoothly at 57600 as with [&hellip


Jan 22

YM mini synth project: 1st audio out

For those not in the know, I’ve been polling and discussing the potential of an open source chip-synth with parts-count being the primary concern. It occurred to me that this would bring down the entry-level cost while allowing those new to D.I.Y. electronics to not be scared away by surface mount soldering and extensive learning-curve [&hellip


Jan 19

Bliptronic LEDs from Arduino

Halfway there… Arduino control of the Bliptronic 5000 LEDs via pinout mentioned in the previous post.  Here’s a quick demo of the LEDs all individually addressable from the arduino programming platform. Squeezed in a tiny proto-board where the speaker was. Flexible FTDI out to save some $$ and still have usb linking and power. The [&hellip


Jan 13

Bliptronic 5000 Hacking : Full Pin-out to the 64 Button PCB

I’ve finally gotten to tearing down the Bliptronic 5000 that arrived hear from Thinkgeek. There are enough reviews out there that all I need to say is crappy sound in a really cheap ($50) hackable 64-button LED matrix package with a nice enclosure. After a bit of investigating, I’ve found that with the combination of [&hellip

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