Feb 09

Conversations with the Dead…

Despite the resounding lack of interest in the Bliptronome of late and my recent move to coal country, I’ve continued on with some new ideas and have been hacking away at some new electronics projects.  Most recently I’ve been working with a set of interesting rf based circuits which monitor unused portions of the radio [&hellip


May 15

Controllerism in Reason

James Bernard of Propellerhead fame posted a VERY straight-forward video on integrating controllers like the Bliptronome into Reason! If Reason is your center, and you’re wondering how to get started with the Bliptronome and its cohorts, this video is a great place to start. For those that aren’t into soldering and building a Bliptronome from [&hellip


Dec 06

New MIDIo firmware : VidByter

Here is the first sample video from my new MIDIo firmware: VidByter! This will be available for MIDIo owners on a swappable program chip (the 8-pin one), so that now your MIDIo board can run the ANSI firmware or the new VidByter firmware. The new firmware works with custom software for MAC/WIN & LINUX, whcih [&hellip


Sep 29

Exhibition in Philadelphia!

For those who’ve wondered why my development time has dimmed down a bit; I also do interactive exhibition and gallery work. I’ve spent the past several months creating a new line of “BreathPrints” for exhibition this Friday through Halloween. These are part of my series of interactive images that only appear when the viewer breathes [&hellip


Aug 30

Beautiful YM_MINI Modding!

Many folks ask me for ideas on how to case the various kits on my site. Hal of eptheca sends along news of his latest creation: a beautifully cased YM_MINI with an accompanying keyboard controller. He has squeezed the whole synth into a classic Atari mouse including an original handling of the usb cable converted [&hellip


Jul 19

MIDIo is Shipping!

The new ANSI MIDIo kits and pre-built units are now shipping! Build and test went great and the first units went out from The HOPE conference in NYC this weekend. The section at www.straytechnologies.com/resources Is now updated with build instructions, programming instructions, and sample files to run from reNoise.  This includes how to integrate graphics [&hellip


Jul 11

ANSI MIDIo Kit : New Video, demos, and release!

A  peek at the DRAWING MODE built into the new ANSI MIDIo Visualizer kit. Users are able to create their own graphics designs for the device on the fly. (click through for the HD version – and yep.. some hi-res slow motion action!) Modem speed! (the speed is controlled from the song tempo). This kit [&hellip


Jul 06

4th of july in the Sky

A quick video clip from my video work as seen across Philadelphia on July 4th during the fireworks celebration and throughout the night. Part of the “Art in the Air” premiere coordinated by PECO and Philadelphia’s Breadboard. Don Miller of NO CARRIER fame and Rachele Riley were also highlighted throughout the night. Philly’s ABC6 also [&hellip


Jul 02

Pocket VBLANK version 2 : ANSI MIDIo

It’s true! I’ve been fielding requests from all the folks who have worked with the Pocket VBLANK visualizer board over the last year & have put most these ideas into a new version, expected to release this month. This version will be dubbed the ANSI MIDIo visualizer board, for reasons which will be clear below. [&hellip


Jul 01

VBLANK in the Philadelphia Skyline

For those not aware of my video side project : VBLANK, now’s the chance. On the evening of July 4th, my work will be displayed on the largest screen in Philadelphia: The PECO Crown Lights. I’ve been selected as one of 3 local artists whose work will be displayed on the 4-sided color LED array [&hellip

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