The stranger side…Hope Number 9!

This weekend ( July 13-15) I am excited to be speaking, performing and giving a workshop at the amazing Hope Number 9 Conference in New york City!

Though a seeming departure from my latest musical interfaces, I have been pursuing research in a different type of media interface.  I’ve been investigating the history, technology and current use of digital and electronic tools, used to attempt communication with the dead.  Honest.

On Friday, I will be giving a discussion called: “Apophenia: Building Radios to Talk to the Dead” that covers the history and current state of this VERY interesting field.

Friday evening I will perform a multimedia exhibition using these devices as source audio and video.

On Saturday afternoon I will be giving an electronics workshop, where participants can build the device seen above (called a “Raudive Diode receiver”), that attaches to their laptop iPhone, Android phone or tablet to record potential ethereal communications. Kit and workshop info can be found HERE.

Just in case there might have been any sleep this weekend I will also be doing two VBLANK performances with chip destroyers exileFaker and Corset Lore at the Hope Number 9 chip music concert “The Ghost Dance Movement”.     I swear, that last title is an astonishing coincidence!!

Stop by! If you see me doing anything less than standing… buy me a Club Mate!