New MIDIo firmware : VidByter

Here is the first sample video from my new MIDIo firmware: VidByter!

This will be available for MIDIo owners on a swappable program chip (the 8-pin one), so that now your MIDIo board can run the ANSI firmware or the new VidByter firmware.

The new firmware works with custom software for MAC/WIN & LINUX, whcih takes any live video feed or a pre-recorded video file, crunches it into 255Byte frames and sends it over a serial line at a whopping 3.5 frames per second! The MIDIo receives the video and splashes it directly into the video ram of a circa 1977 RCA Pixie video chip emulation. This chip is best known as the driver for Chip8 programs, the RCA COSMAC VIP, RCA STUDIO II, and other programmable “pong-style” consoles from the pre-NES era.

For those familiar with my VBLANK live project, I’ve been using this emulator on my breadboards for about a year, though this coming Saturday evening at Philadelphia’s 8Static event will be the premier of pushing live camera video through it.

My setup will include a wireless camera on stage, running through the VidByter software and to a MIDIo board to be mixed with my other lo-fi visuals.

The MIDIo kit with ANSI firmware is currently available here: with the new swappable program chips due out the first week of 2011.