New Demo Video: the oneString Controller in action

I’ve gotten SO MUCH support from the Kickstarter for the oneString, that I’ve taken some time out to play the thing and create a demo video of what it can do. This little controller is really starting to become a VERY expressive instrument!

Some more info about this video:

The setup is using various free VSTs (software synths) with default settings in a free stand-alone host called “Savihost” by Hermann Seib. There are no extra effects or tracks. The oneString and one software synth is generating all sound.

I bought a new cheap camera (Creative Vado HD) as it has an audio input. I now realize that the Vado is auto leveling the audio, which is why you hear static swells in between notes, and very little variation in volume. There’s actually quite a bit of volume range generated from the pressure sensor that the camera is killing. Regardless! — you still get the idea!

I’m VERY excited to see some REAL musicians get there hands on this thing!

You’ll also notice a set of dots along the length of the controller, which I’m using like pearls on a guitar neck to stay oriented. They’ve been very helpful to me, but are a matter of taste and style. Another musician who tested the controller suggested that I let users design marking strips from a template, and upload them to share. With this in mind, the first kits will go out with instructions on how to generate a useful pattern, so each user can make it their own. I’d love to get some feedback on this! This is really part of what takes this device out of the “Theremin” realm and into being a real useful instrument for the rest of us.

Any feedback on the design or video would be great (save dissing my lack of timing!). I’m VERY excited to see this get out to the world!