Limited Touch-Glass Kit for Arduino!

I have a small number of 11″ resistive glass touch panels left from a project.

Because of the small quantity, I decided to make them available to folks through eBay.

The kit includes:

  • 11″ Diagonal (9-1/4″ x 7″) Glass Resistive Touch Panel
  • 2x Resistors

I’ll also send along:

  • Ready-to-go Arduino code (.ino) file for this exact touch panel
  • Clear graphic wiring diagram to get you started

These are very cool to make your own custom interface : draw some buttons on translucent film or paper, backlight with a few LEDs and have a custom interface for your project! I’m building one in a box to give my oneString a partner control pad for live effects!

The ebay sale is fixed price for the limited stock at about half the price of any other large touch-glass available there. Here’s the link! :