Old News Bites the Dust!

For over a year, all recent news had been moved to www.waitforvblank.com as my personal work moved toward performance video with only a few major gallery exhibitions this year.


It’s about bloody time that this website got a face-lift, and my most recent electronics work get a new home. This site will run in tandom to the VBLANK performance website, hopefully to keep everyone in-tune with the various electronics, software, and open-source projects that have grown out of my gallery, performance and academic work over the last few years.

I hope that this website can grow into a communication center-point for that news, bringing information on new exhibitions, WIPs, kits, and workshops to anyone interested.  As an attempt to facilitate the spread of information, the site will include a forum section that I will spend quite a bit of time on. As always, I live on email. You can get me there as well at wil [ at] straytechnologies [ dot] com

On another note, I’m finally fulfilling the request to sell my breadboard kits and other items online instead of only through shows and workshops. The next few weeks will be a period of flux as information is added, and I sort out new battles like cheap shipping.

Please let me know if I’m missing something that would help!