Bliptronome V2 : tests, kits, and code released

A video of the final tests of the Bliptronome V2 Firmware: ThinkGeek Bliptronic 5000 to Monome clone conversion!

Toggle, press & release, software LED control, and 4 ADC potentiometers. Shutdown, test & LED_intensity now working.

And… Here’s the source code!

There are minimal build instructions included for the expert/tinkerer and a detailed pin-out explanation. Again, your Duemilanove won’t fit in there! Details on kit ordering below…

Other relevant info? Powered via usb, so the battery compartment is empty. The “Play button” does nothing, though there is a free pin on the Arduino if you really need a 65th button. Remember it’s mass production quality: Not bad for the $$ but it’s small and a bit clicky. Call it a “gateway Monome” you’ll likely want bigger/better after a bit. — but I’m pretty happy with it.

Kits? I will be creating a Bliptronic-to-Monome clone conversion kit with PCB, FTDI cable, and all parts (no Arduino needed) including the 4 Potentiometers over the next 3-4 weeks. These kits will cost $68+shipping. I am doing a limited pre-order here to (raise bulk-purchase money and keep the price down) set to ship mid March.