Arduinome ported to the Bliptronic 5000!


I’ve finally got a working port of the Arduinome 3.2 software working with Monome apps on the Bliptronic 5000 hardware available from Think Geek.  This version recognizes in Arduinome Serial as a40h-501. It’s using the same FTDI cable I use to program the Arduino, and everything is running very smoothly at 57600 as with Arduinome.

I’ll be releasing this code in a week or so, as I still have some large holes in it. If a current Monome or Arduinome owner could pass me a little info, I’ll finish the code, and add 4 adc potentiometers in the missing holes.

If someone could explain the effect/use of the following serial commands, they should be an easy addition to the code:

“led_Test,” “shutdown,” and how does “led_intensity” work? I currently have it controlling a full row at once, which does not seem really useful.

Drop me a line in the forum, or via email.

Total project cost:

Bliptronic: $49, Arduino parts, FTDI cable, etc.. at about $40 – though bulk ordering could get that price down significantly). I already had everything in my workshop. So… a <$100 mini_Monome? yep. I’ll have another in a couple weeks.