ANSI MIDIo Kit : New Video, demos, and release!

A  peek at the DRAWING MODE built into the new ANSI MIDIo Visualizer kit. Users are able to create their own graphics designs for the device on the fly. (click through for the HD version – and yep.. some hi-res slow motion action!)

Modem speed! (the speed is controlled from the song tempo).

This kit board has a realtime draw mode and a “color organ” mode to generate realtime images synced to music. It works with Max/MSP, Reaper, Ableton, PureData, or any midi software… The demo shows how drawing from the Renoise tracker works.

There is now an archive with 3 demo files for Renoise (including the one from the video), and the use instructions (with complete MIDI spec)  for the ANSI MIDIo available [here].

The board is now available for purchase [here] in both kit and pre-built versions.

PAL or NTSC versions of the kit are $65USD + S&H with prebuilt  and a pre-tested version (includs FTDI usb cable) is available for $95USD +S&H. Kits are very simple but require some soldering skill.

I’ll have the kits and do live demos at Hope Conference. More video to come! Mmmmmm Ansi!