Wil Lindsay is an electronic media artist currently residing in Reading, PA. Lindsay received an MFA in the Integrated Electronic Arts program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has recently completed a year long artist-in-residency at The Hacktory in Philadelphia.  He is currently teaching Digital Media at Albright College, actively exhibiting in galleries and performing real-time digital media under the pseudonym VBLANK.

Lindsay’s work focuses on the implications of re-contextualizing dead or forgotten technologies in contemporary culture and is presented through various modalities including installation, imaging, video, music, physical electronics and algorithmic processing.  VBLANK live video is created entirely real-time with all source graphics produced directly from small custom circuits, micro-controllers and re-programmed video game systems.

More information:      vblank.straytechnologies.com

selected works/past projects:     catalog of past works

CV on request: wil (at) straytechnologies.com