A new Pocket VBLANK release…The M1!

After a fast 8 day Harbor Residency at the AMAZINGLY inspirational Beta-Local in Old san Juan, Puerto Rico my taste for visuals came back with a vengeance. Two LATE night sessions in San Juan including a fabulous pop-up event with members of the long-time shoe-gazing un.real, have made me re-embrace the projector!


Because of my recent work with the  Apophenia project, and an upcoming chip-based true-modular synth project, I’ve been unable to do all the video events I’d like, and so I’ve decided to release another surrogate visualist, for those missing my vid work.

Meet the Pocket VBLANK M1: based on my recent sets revolving around glitching an RCA COSMAC/STUDIO II  “Pixie Video” (think 1977 cartridge Pong goodness) emulation I wrote for the Prop chip. This kit actually rides as a modification to the MIDIo kit. That means the whole package is less than half the size of an Atari 2600 cartridge, and ready to mount with raised LEDs and panel mount power and 1/8″ audio jack for sound trigger input. The output is NTSC-only at this time, but it may be worth getting your country to change over:

This vid shows a little bit of the 45 potential sessions (I programmed this one to cycle faster than usual), and will have even more variations with over/under modulation and different tempos. BTW: this killer tune is “Nostalgic Sex” by F0XYr4bB!T. I coded to it a lot!

I’m doing a tiny bootstrap run of pre-built only kits to raise money for the development phase of the upcoming modular synth kit. These can come with video in CRT green or Plasma Gold. And as before, I’ll code in your logo for a small extra.

Price will start at $80 built and tested with the glitch firmware. It will easily mount in a game cartridge, cassette tape case (remember that??) or pack of Lucky Strikes.  Custom logo (in place of the “Pong” screen in the youtube video) can be done for $15.

This run is going to go too quickly to set up a shop item, so if you’re interested.. hit me at:

wil [at] straytechnologies [dot] com


And check out more of F0XYr4bB!T’s awesome sound at: