Dec 19

Limited Touch-Glass Kit for Arduino!

I have a small number of 11″ resistive glass touch panels left from a project. Because of the small quantity, I decided to make them available to folks through eBay. The kit includes: 11″ Diagonal (9-1/4″ x 7″) Glass Resistive Touch Panel 2x Resistors I’ll also send along: Ready-to-go Arduino code (.ino) file for this [&hellip


Jun 18

A new Pocket VBLANK release…The M1!

After a fast 8 day Harbor Residency at the AMAZINGLY inspirational Beta-Local in Old san Juan, Puerto Rico my taste for visuals came back with a vengeance. Two LATE night sessions in San Juan including a fabulous pop-up event with members of the long-time shoe-gazing un.real, have made me re-embrace the projector!    Because of [&hellip


Feb 11

Brendan Byrne awesome custom Bliptronome!

Brendan Byrne has lasercut a custom enclosure to create a Bliptronome 128. The circuits were built on protoboard from the opensource design, and two Sparkfun FTDI cables were modified to connect via 5-pin DIN. More of Brendan’s electronics work can be found at Here’s a youTube of this awesome creation in action! : and [&hellip


Jul 08

The stranger side…Hope Number 9!

This weekend ( July 13-15) I am excited to be speaking, performing and giving a workshop at the amazing Hope Number 9 Conference in New york City! Though a seeming departure from my latest musical interfaces, I have been pursuing research in a different type of media interface.  I’ve been investigating the history, technology and [&hellip


May 28

New Wiki added!

I’ve finally updated the resources into a large multipage wiki with a forum. The new system is on tiki-wiki and is already full of info. Ideally, this will help the community in general by allowing builders, visualists, and musicians to add their own tips, hints, suggestions and show off some of their own work. If [&hellip


Apr 22

Apophenia at HackPhilly

I’ll be performing the second iteration of Apophenia at HackPhilly on Friday April 27th as part of Philly Tech Week. Apophenia explores the phenomena of how we experience patterned order out of randomness. The effect is often explored by “ghost hunters” who use electronic tools to find patterns in the environment around us, and explore [&hellip


Mar 23

New Demo Video: the oneString Controller in action

I’ve gotten SO MUCH support from the Kickstarter for the oneString, that I’ve taken some time out to play the thing and create a demo video of what it can do. This little controller is really starting to become a VERY expressive instrument! Some more info about this video: The setup is using various free [&hellip


Mar 10

First Video Demo of oneString

As part of the oneString Kickstarter, I’ve just released the first demo video of the oneString controller. Ribbon & pressure sensor -> arduino -> USB(MIDI) -> OSX or WIN -> synth software. It looks like kits are going to land in the $50-$100 range depending on the sensor setup you choose. I’m using the Kickstarter [&hellip


Mar 07

Kickstarting a new project!

I’ve been stewing on an open source ribbon controller for a while now. (spoiler HERE) On investigation, it turns out that there’s very little in the market that is under $200 AND does USB. (and I’d always prefer <$100!) If you’re into 5-pin MIDI, check out the Coagula controller,  it’s killer and has an awesome [&hellip


Mar 02

A final run of Bliptronome kits?

After a long wait, it looks like there is enough interest to do one last run of Bliptronome Bliptronic 5000 conversion kits. Despite the onset of the Launchpad it seems there are still folks interested in looking under the hood, or having something with analog knobs and a more portable footprint. I’ll be accepting pre-orders [&hellip

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